Our Story

Daniel Oosthuizen

How We Began


True African Safaris took shape in 2010, founded by wildlife enthusiast, Daniel Oosthuizen. Having had the privilege of growing up on a Big 5 nature reserve in South Africa, it was no surprise that his passion for nature came from deep within his core.

With a lifetime worth of experience Daniel rightfully earned himself a respectable and trustworthy name in the professional hunting industry in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

However, on the 3rd of July 2015 Daniel sadly passed away in a tragic and unexpected vehicle accident leaving his beloved family, friends and the hunting industry shocked and devastated at his loss.

Philip Oosthuizen

Where we are today


After the passing of Daniel his only brother, Philip took it upon himself as a tribute to his brother to continue the dream and legacy of Daniel and True African Safaris, which had so sadly been left behind.

Philip grew up on a Big 5 nature reserve alongside his older brother, and without doubt became a true adventurist, lover of nature and keen conservationist. Upon leaving school, Philip followed his passion and received a Diploma in Nature Conservation at a University in Pretoria and immediately took up reserve management on a Big 5 reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park region of South Africa. Here he worked a good few years gaining more nature conservation and ethical hunting experience, before taking the reins of True African Safaris.

Our Area

Hoedspruit Limpopo Province

True African Safaris is ideally located in Limpopo Province just outside the small tourist town of Hoedspruit, surrounded by the Drakensburg Mountains on one side and World Renowned Kruger National Park on the other.

Hoedspruit is known as a Conservation town with numerous prestigious Nature Reserves and Lodges in its surrounds, thus one of the reasons why  tourists from around the globe flock to this small town to enjoy South Africa’s amazing biodiversity and animals in their natural and undisturbed habitats which are fiercely and passionately protected by local Nature Conservationists.


  • We hunt responsibly
  • All hunts are planned and conducted by hunting professionals.
  • We make use of only highly qualified PHs.
  • Safety first – We do not tolerate reckless and irresponsible behaviour.
  • We utilise hunting as a conservation tool in the management of  population sizes.
  • Hunting aids in the conservation of South Africa’s species and habitats.
  • All animals are wild free, roaming in natural environments.
  • We do not permit hunting from vehicles.
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